SHAY Sticky Note Cups hold 3x3 PostIt® notes in either vertical or horizontal stacks
SHAY Sticky Note Cups can be stacked
SHAY Sticky Note Cups hold 3x3 PostIt® notes
SHAY sticky note cup animation

SHAY Sticky Note Cups (4-pack)

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  • Hold 3x3 inch PostIt® Notes
  • Lay notes upright to store Sharpie® pens in the cup
  • Stack cups for compact storage
  • Have an adjustable divider that stows in the back 
  • Sold in a set of 4 cups

Wrangle your mess of stickies

Are there piles of sticky notes around your office? Want a compact way to store sticky notes and pens at your desk?

These cups let you store and move PostIt® notes between all the places they go: office desks, conference room tables and supply shelves. Pads of 3x3 inch PostIt® Notes fit both ways – flat (for storing one color) or upright (for storing multiple colors and pens).

The cups themselves also stack to save space and make it possible to carry 2-3 cups in one arm.

And the unique wrap-around opening makes it easy to grab a whole stack of notes when moving stacks behind cups. 

Beta product

This is a beta product, 3D printed on demand. Allow 1 week for production before delivery.