Pair of SHAY boards covered in Post-It notes reading "Hello World"
Two people use SHAY boards to make an information radiator
A man carries a pair of SHAY boards around the office
The FIRST50 offices save up to 75% on their first pair of SHAY boards
SHAY Boards (Pair)

SHAY Boards (Pair)

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  • Collaborate with stickies, display photos and designs, form war rooms and radiate information like never before.
  • The huge, all-black surfaces are the perfect canvas for your work
  • Magnetic hinges allow the boards to pivot and detach to form many configurations
  • Handles in the middle of the lightweight boards make them easy to move about the office
  • Includes two 31” wide x 7’ tall SHAY boards
  • Up to 75% off your office's first pair of boards (see below)

Quick assembly

The boards arrive in top and bottom sections which you connect. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver. Watch setup video.

Shipping anywhere in US and Canada

Assembled in California, these boards pack small enough to ship anywhere in the US for $50 and Canada for $60. San Francisco customers can have boards delivered for $20.

The First50 offices save up to 75% off

First 50 offices save up to 75%

We are offering a special FIRST50 deal on your office’s first pair of boards:

  • 10% off if your office has 1 or more designers 
  • 25% off if your office has 3 or more designers 
  • 50% off if your office has 5 or more designers 
  • 75% off if your office has 10 or more designers 

A couple of stipulations:

  • This one-time discount applies only to the first pair of boards for the office
  • Your team agrees to actively try out the boards and give feedback (in an online survey) within 3 weeks of delivery

To get the actual discount code, fill-out this brief form (takes about 1 minute)

(Thanks to Aaron Lawrence of Letter Lapse for the illustration!)