Replacement Foamboard Panels (6-pack)
Replacement Foamboard Panels (6-pack)

Replacement Foamboard Panels (6-pack)

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  • Just replace what gets damaged – typically the top foamboard panel
  • Requires a few minutes to swap out the old foamboard panel with a new one
  • Precision cut on our computer-controlled router
  • Includes a screw driver and a few extra screws 
  • Sold in a set of 6 replacement boards (tops or bottoms)

Freshen up your boards economically

Eventually, holes from push-pins or damage from aggressive tapes can spoil the surface of your SHAY boards. Since this damage tends to just affect the actively-used, top half of SHAY boards, we include 6 top panels unless you specify otherwise. Email us if you want to substitute in any bottom panels.

(Why can't I cut my own replacement panels? In order for SHAY boards to fit together properly, the foamboard panels must be exact dimensions and perfectly square. We don't recommend trying to cut your own panels.)

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